Why the website and server have shut down


RGN has kindly provided the website for SkerpMC. However, as SkerpMC is no longer being actively maintained, RGN has decided to stop supporting - and hosting - SkerpMC's website.


It is unknown to RGN if, and when, the SkerpMC Network will be back online. 

Why is SkerpMC so inactive and why has the project not progressed lately?

A few months ago our owner Strike has decided to resign from the owner position due to inactivity. Since then there was an attempt to fully rework the server, which failed due to lack of security measures and developers. A bit later our Discord was griefed by an individual, completely destroying our theoretical playerbase of multiple hundred players. Since then, no actions have been taken to start the project back up and RGN has decided to support an upcoming project which will be announced later this year.